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May 8, 2010

The idea is to connect, and spread and share the love for drum&bass music! Males & females are welcome, we don’t want to exclude anybody, but we want to make the female potential visible on the web.

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Junglistic Sistaz

May 8, 2010

Junglistic Sistaz used to be an international database for women in Drum&Bass since 2002. Until our data-crash in 2006, I dare to say we were a really vivid community with more than 200 profiles from DJs, producers, MCs/vocalists, label owners, promoters and booking agents. We used to run our monthly radio show, first at dnbnet, later at bassdrive. We used to organize parties in London, Moscow, Paris, Zürich, Warsaw and Vienna. We were a quality reference for ladies within the scene. After our data-crash a smaller community consisting of about 50 ladies continued to be part of the network, but the website itself was static and not vivid anymore. The project was close to dying silently, like many other projects within the scene.

But that’s not what we want. Junglistic Sistaz was founded mainly for two reasons: The first one was networking, connecting, sharing opinions, transfering ideas and content. This was a really innovative idea in the web 1.0-world, but isn’t anymore in a web 2.0, and soon web 3.0-world. Many of us are using social networks like MySpace or Facebook nowadays to promote our music and it is much easier to find other girls that spin or produce Drum&Bass. So what we plan to do in the future is to use a social network as a basis for our platform, instead running our own.

Make females visibe on the web

The second reason why we founded Junglistic Sistaz is to make us visible and unforgettable. On the one side, that means that we wanted to show appreciation for the work of flyer designers, booking agents, promoting teams, often women helping the scene to run the way it runs. This plan did not really come off over the years, hardly any ladies working “behind the screen” had the feeling to get involved with us, which is a pitty. But on the other side, this has made us a strong community of mainly DJs and a few producers and MCs, active “not behind the screen” women.

So why is it necessary to “make us visible”? Because we live in a world where “equality” only exists on the paper, if it exists at all. It might be true that female DJs, because of a lack in huge numbers, get a lot more attention when they start their career and maybe it is also true that up to 50 per cent of their bookings arise out of their gender. But what does it matter when they are doing a great job, mixing-wise and selection-wise?

Show some respect

Some male DJs, that might spin equally well or even better, feel discriminated and start spreading a lot of hate. Titties arguments start to flourish and here we are – in the middle of an equality debate. Junglistic Sistaz never wanted to exclude men or disrespect their work, all we wanted was that the world shows some respect to us and for our work.

So finally, this is still what we want. We want event promoters to remember us, even when they plan huge festivals and raves. We want label owners to remember us, even when they are putting together a huge compilation. Women might have an easier start into the scene, but it is much harder for them to get the long-term respect they deserve.

In an equal world, it should not make any difference, if you are a female or male DJ, black or white, thin or thick. But – be honest – would you rate a fat girl, or even worse, a fat grandma as a good DJ? And would you rate a fat boy, or a fat, grumpy old man as a good DJ? If you can answer all questions with yes, I congratulate you – you seem to have no prejudices at all and the world needs more people like you. But as long as we live in a society where this is not the common opinion, a network like Junglistic Sistaz has still – even in 2009 – the right of its existence.